Zeus is an Olympian, worshipped by the Greeks as the God of the Sky and king of the Greek gods.


Zeus was one of the 5 children of Cronus and his sister-wife Rhea. He was spirited away by his mother, as she knew her husband would have swallowed him, like he did their previous children. He grew up on the island of Crete, until he became of age. He would rescue his siblings from his father's stomach and found allies in the Hundred Handers, as well as the Cyclops. Soon, both Olympians and Titans battled, in the battle known as the "Titanomachy". Zeus and his allies succeeded in beating the Titans and assumed power over the skies and sat upon a throne on Mt. Olympus.

He was known for his fraternizing with many mortal women, as well as gods. He fathered many children, 2 of the best known being Hercules and Perseus. He married Metis, however after swallowing her alive, he became the husband of his sister Hera.