The second series of Ancient Aliens installments counted 10 episodes - shortened to an hour - that aired during 2010.

"Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history..."

Series Two Table
AncientAliensTitleCard Mysterious Places
Series Two 1 28 OCT 2010 History Channel
...and, if so, did they concentrate around specific locations? Could a better understanding of ancient alien visitation unlock the secrets behind some of the world's most mysterious places?
This episode examines locations around the Earth that are proposed "hot spots" of UFO activity; such as the Bermuda Triangle; Mexico's "Zone of Silence" an area of land said to naturally disrupt radio signals; the portal-like structure at Peru's Puerta de Hayu Marka; and the curious rock formations of the Marcahuasi Plateau. -- from Wikipedia

AncientAliensTitleCard Gods and Aliens
Series Two 2 4 NOV 2010 History Channel
...and were the gods of our ancestors actually visitors from other worlds?
This episode looks at legends about powerful gods and fearsome monsters that are said to have similarities between them even though these legends are found in different cultures separated by vast distances, and this episode also suggests that these legends may be eyewitness accounts of alien visitation. Also discussed are tales of gods interacting with humans, imparting wisdom and technology and impregnating women to create demigods who are supposedly the offspring of human/alien unions. -- from Wikipedia

AncientAliensTitleCard Underwater Worlds
Series Two 3 11 NOV 2010 History Channel
...and, if so, what evidence lies deep underwater?
This episode suggests that various underwater structures and ruins said to have been found around the globe may have been used by extraterrestrials; such as the temple ruins found under Lake Titicaca in Peru; the geometric structures of Yonaguni off the coast of Japan, and ancient Indian texts that allegedly describe other sunken cities yet to be discovered. -- from Wikipedia

AncientAliensTitleCard Underground Aliens
Series Two 4 18 NOV 2010 History Channel
...and, if so, should we be looking for proof of their existence not in the heavens above, but in mysterious worlds deep beneath the surface?
This episode hypothesizes that various underground places may have been extraterrestrial lairs; such as a lost cave in Ecuador said to hold metal tablets containing alien knowledge; the underground city of Derinkuyu in Turkey; Native American legends of "inner-earth" beings; and rumors of a secret U.S. Military base supposedly built alongside aliens inside the Archuleta Mesa near Dulce, New Mexico. -- from Wikipedia

AncientAliensTitleCard Aliens and the Third Reich
Series Two 5 25 NOV 2010 History Channel
...and, if so, just what was their connection to Hitler's Nazis and World War II?
This episode speculates that Nazi Germany had experimented with advanced alien technology and built flying machines; such as the Haunebu and the Die Glocke (The Bell); and rumors that some of this technology may have made its way to the United States and helped jump start the Apollo program. -- from Wikipedia

AncientAliensTitleCard Alien Tech
Series Two 6 2 DEC 2010 History Channel
...and did mankind's cutting edge technology spring from our imagination, or could it have come from a source much farther away?
This episode proposes that some advanced weapon technologies currently in development, such as laser and sonic weapons, are rediscovered technologies used by advanced beings in the past. Also discussed are theories that aliens provided gravity manipulation devices to help man construct colossal stone structures around the world. -- from Wikipedia

AncientAliensTitleCard Angels and Aliens
Series Two 7 9 DEC 2010 History Channel
...and, if so, might angels really be travelers visiting the Earth from distant planets?
This episode looks at various stories of angelic visitations that to some ancient astronaut theorists read more like alien encounters than divine appearances, and suggests they are not supernatural beings, but visitors from distant planets. -- from Wikipedia

AncientAliensTitleCard Unexplained Structures
Series Two 8 16 DEC 2010 History Channel
...and, if so, is there an extraterrestrial explanation for the Earth's most mysterious unexplained structures?
This episode suggests that various sites around the world; such as Gobekli Tepe in Turkey; the Incan ruins of Sacsayhuaman in Peru; the Carnac stones of France; and Zorats Karer in Armenia, show construction techniques and mathematical concepts that were not believed to have been known at the time, and that this knowledge was gained from alien visitors. -- from Wikipedia

AncientAliensTitleCard Alien Devastations
Series Two 9 23 DEC 2010 History Channel
...and, if so, were they out to control us, to exterminate us, or to prepare us for the future?
This episode surmises that aliens may have caused various disasters, as depicted in the Bible and other texts, or even tried to warn man of them; such as Noah of the Great Flood. Also proposed is that some disasters ushered changes in human evolution and that our leaps in technology over the centuries were achieved with alien help. -- from Wikipedia

AncientAliensTitleCard Alien Contacts
Series Two 10 30 DEC 2010 History Channel
...and, if so, have they been helped by individuals among us, chosen to communicate important messages?
This episode proposes that extraterrestrials may have contacted various humans throughout history, such as Moses and Joan of Arc, to help guide and inspire them to achieve great things; or to pass on important messages for humanity; such as a supposed binary message given to a UFO-contactee during the 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident who believes it is the coordinates to a mythical island called Hy-Brazil. -- from Wikipedia