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This wiki is dedicated to the Ancient Aliens series of documentaries, featured on The History Channel, and the theories and commentaries they espouse on the topic of extraterrestrial visits to our planet in the past.

Please add, and help us out, as you might see fit.

S​eason oneEdit

Episode One - Chariots, Gods and Beyond.Edit

Episode Two - The EvidenceEdit

Episode Three - The VisitorsEdit

Episode Four - The MissionEdit

Episode Five - Closer EncountersEdit

Episode Six - The ReturnEdit

Season twoEdit

Episode One - Mysterious PlacesEdit

Episode Two - Gods and AliensEdit

Episode Three - Underwater Worlds​Edit

Episode Four - Underground AliensEdit

Episode Five - Aliens and the Third ReichEdit

Episode Six - Alien TechEdit

Episode Seven - Angels and AliensEdit

Episode Eight - Unexplained Structures​Edit

Episode Nine - Alien Devastations​Edit

Episode Ten - Alien ContactsEdit

Season threeEdit

Episode One - Aliens of the Old WestEdit

​Season four Edit

Episode One - Mayan Conspiracy

Episode Two - The Doomsday Prophecies

Episode Three - The Greys

Episode Four - Aliens and Mega-Disasters

Episode Five - The NASA Connection

Episode Six - The Mystery of Puma Punku

Episode Seven - Aliens and Bigfoot

Episode Eight - The Da Vinci Conspiracy

Episode Nine - The Time Travellers

Episode Ten - Aliens and Dinosaurs

Season six​Edit

Season sevenEdit

Season eight​Edit

Season nine​Edit

A MessageEdit

The greater part of the time, information in this wiki will be going up in bits and pieces, even within single pages. So feel free to help fill in the gaps. For now, there are apologies for all the incomplete and missing pages, however, we are trying to get everything up as fast as we can.

To Do List:

  1. Add in Information to Missing Pages
  2. Add Missing Pages
  3. Add Pictures, or Videos
  4. Add in Sources 

Latest activityEdit

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