Giorgio A. TsoukalosEdit


Giorgio A. Tsoukalos - Legendary Times Magazine - Ancient Aliens

Bio and Background InformationEdit

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos is the publisher of Legendary Times Magazine, and a frequent commentator on the Ancient Aliens documentary series. Comments about him by Ancient Aliens Wiki users otherworldly hairstyle

Episodes that Tsoukalos Appears InEdit

  1. Chariots, Gods & Beyond
  2. The Evidence
  3. The Visitors
  4. The Mission
  5. Closer Encounters
  6. The Return

Series Two Edit

  1. Mysterious Places
  2. Gods and Aliens
  3. Underwater Worlds
  4. Underground Aliens
  5. Aliens and the Third Reich
  6. Alien Tech
  7. Angels and Aliens
  8. Unexplained Structures
  9. Alien Devastations
  10. Alien Contacts

Series Three Edit

  1. Aliens and the Old West
  2. Aliens and Monsters
  3. Aliens and Sacred Places
  4. Aliens and Temples of Gold
  5. Aliens and Mysterious Rituals
  6. Aliens and Ancient Engineers
  7. Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics
  8. Aliens and Lost Worlds
  9. Aliens and Deadly Weapons
  10. Aliens and Evil Places
  11. Aliens and the Founding Fathers
  12. Aliens and Deadly Cults
  13. Aliens and the Secret Code
  14. Aliens and the Undead
  15. Aliens, Gods and Heroes
  16. Aliens and the Creation of man

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