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This installment looks at some of the mysterious places around the globe that have a mysterious connection with deaths and strange occurrances, such as: a forest in Japan where people go to commit suicide, a mountain in Russia whose name translates as 'Do Not Go There' and an incident that took place there, a mountain in Australia that Aborigines call the 'Mountain of Death', a site in Siberia that may have more importance than the deaths of man and plants that happen there, and, as an example of explanation, a plant in New Mexico that stores nuclear/radioactive waste.

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  1. Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, 60 miles southwest of Tokyo, near Mt. Fuji, a so-called 'world navel' is the Aokigahara Forest ('suicide forest')
  2. February 1, 1959, Ural Mountains, Russia - on the fourth night of an expedition to a mountain called Mt. Otorten (translated from Mansi as "Do Not Go There")nine people die mysteriously. Kulat Siancle - the 'Mountain of the Dead'.
  3. Continent of Australia, 16 mi south of Cooktown in the North Queensland area is Black Mountain (translated from local aboriginal language as 'Mountain of Death'
  4. Yakutia, Russia in Central Siberia is the "Valley of Death". The Yaku Tribe tells of metal 'cauldrons' buried in the permafrost that have detrimental effects on people near them. Also said that they unbury themselves sometimes to act as sort of a radioactive/missile defense system to take out dangerous incoming objects in the sky. Might be related to the Tunguska event.
  5. Baalbek, Mohenjo Daro, vitrification in Southwest Egypt, tales from the Mahabharata, and Libyan Uranium mining of 8,000 years ago could be related to explanations of these different 'evil' places. Like Eddy County, New Mexico - the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant which, since 1999, has been storing radioactive/nuclear waste inside a salt mine more than 2000 feet underground.

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